Tips and FAQ's


-The enemies scale as you complete the quests. Keep upgrading your weapon and abilities to keep up.

- Headshots deal 4x damage.

-The infested horde does not count towards the score.

- There are four main types of enemies: The Swarm, Tanks, Flayers and Warpers.

- Tanks have extra health, Warpers can teleport, Flayers slow the player down and do proximity damage, and the Swarm do the most damage.

- During the powerdown cycle, after breaching the noise threshhold, the infested horde will try and hunt you down.

Some things you might want to know

-Administration/Operations HQ: After you descend into the installation by just following the natural path, you will enter the first office room (a room with glass seperated rooms). Turn right, and carry on until you cannot go any further, and turn right again. If you carry on straight, you will meet a ramp leading down. Go straight, and on your left will be a few server offices. After a few on the left, you will come across a path leading even lower. At the bottom will be the console.

-Stellarwind Mining Facility: This is a linear installation, if you ascend up the ramp, you enter a steamroom on your left, and carry on through to the main atrium, you can either jump (unsafe) down or follow the walkway around and down a ramp. The console is against the wall opposite the large pump in the middle of the room.

-Cryonics Laboratories: You can literally just carry on straight as you enter the installation, up a ramp that curves to the left, turn right and enter a large room filled with coloured vats. The console is at the end of the bridge.

-Kynthetik Subsystems: If you simply ignore all left or right options and run stright into the atrium with the big glass middle section that is sunken, you turn right, then follow the curve of the pathway through a steampipe room, up a ramp and emerge on top of the glass enclosure. The item is on a desk on the far side of the room.

-Biotech Industries: A large installation, there are three biomes in the area's assorted by colour: red, blue and yellow. You need to find the red biome which has four entrances/exits. You ignore the ramp up, the room which houses the water treatment, the entrance which leads down into the approach of the red biome and choose the entrance to the section that is covered in biomass. Carry on until you hit a T-junction, turn right, and carry on all the way down to the last room straight ahead.

-Powerplant: This area is one directional, so just follow the natural path of the facility until you enter a large final chamber with a large amount of steam pipes and Stellar Wind pipes, the console is on the upper section on the right of the ramp leading down.

-Living Quarters: As you enter the area, take the path leading to the left and up a ramp. Follow the corridors until you find a sliding door leading right. Go through the door, and follow the corridor to the left down another ramp. After a few rooms there will be a corridor leading to the left. The item is in that apartment.

-Waste Disposal: Enter the installation and follow the natural curve through a steam room and up a ramp. Take a left at the top of the ramp, and take the sliding door on the left again. Follow that corridor all the way up. At the top of the stairs/ramp carry on straight, until you cannot go any further, and follow the curve of the room right. In the office on the left, sits the item on a desk.

-Import/Export Warehouse: Enter the facility and make your way through infestation, through the first office, over the raised walkway, down the ramp and turn right when you are at the bottom. Follow the pathway made by the floor, and go down another ramp into another warehouse. The path is blocked so keep to the left and on your left will be a small room. Inside that room is the quest item.

-Bridge: After killing the final boss, an option will appear at the operating console at the front of the room.

The location's of the breach items: (Spoilers)
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